We are on a mission to plant 10,000 trees to help restore the planet. Be part of the community of women who are making a difference.

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Best Vegan Sustainable Brand Of The Year Award

Sustainable Fashion Award Nominee 2021

Ararose was nominated by Vegnews Magazine for The Best Vegan Sustainable Fashion Brand of the year.

Our Commitment

A note from the founders

Established in London by sisters Hannah & Sophia

Free Shipping Worldwide

From London to your doorstep

We package our garments in biodegradable, recycled bags.

Style & Sustainability

We are the women who want it all

Style and sustainability can go hand in hand - fashion the way it should be. Designed for longevity in both design and quality, we support garment workers' rights, environmental responsibility and second hand fashion.

16 million tonnes of clothes are thrown into the landfill sites every year in the USA

Want to triple your fashion sustainablity impact?

1 - Extend the life of your Ararose Clothes by sending back your Ararose garments in exchange for a £10 Ararose Voucher. Every garment has a story - share yours with the new owner.

2 - Shop the Ararose Second Hand Shop 

3 - Plant trees in the process with every garment

What is the Conscious Outlet?

100 Billion garments are made every year in the fast fashion industry. So what happens to the pieces that have minor production faults, but are still perfectly wearable? It is common practice for fast fashion brands to burn these pieces to maintain prestige - at a huge cost to the environment.

We created the Ararose Conscious Outlet as a place to sell our garments with minor production faults to our customers at a discounted price.

We believe in increasing forests - not landfill sites.

Sustainable Fabric

Why wear organic cotton?

Did you know that cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world? Choosing organic cotton means you are supporting fabric that is grow without GM seeds, chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Organic cotton supports a balanced and harmonious system for the environment, animals, insects and better health for the farmers and garment workers whilst reducing the amount of water used in garment production.

Sustainable Fabric

Why is linen sustainable?

Growing flax (for linen) needs less water than cotton.

It is a highly durable material which is perfect for a capsule wardrobe designed to last for years.

There is very little waste with flax; other part of the plant can be used for consumption.

Linen needs fewer pesticides, herbicides and fungicides than cotton.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing essentials that you can rely on throughout the years for style, quality and longevity.

Our garments can easily mix and match with other pieces to create multiple looks whilst maintaining style alongside the fast paced trends of the fashion industry.

Focusing on longevity in terms of quality and style is an empowering shopping habit that assists your decision to become a conscious consumer.

Your Impact

Every time you purchase from Ararose

Your choices are making a difference

You Are Worthy

The Ararose Mirror Messages

When you purchase with Ararose you will receive a Mirror Message accompanying your order. On this mirror message is an affirmation which we hope you will find loving, thought provoking and inspiring. Place this message by your mirror to read as often as possible; or spread the love and pass it on to a loved one, friend or stranger.  

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