Welcome to Ararose Clothing. Established in 2017 by two sisters in London. Our vision is to create collections inspired by different travel vibes around the Earth including Island, City and Adventure. Our clothes are made with love and are timeless in design, keeping you stylish for years to come.

Our Responsibility

Empowering Production and Designs

It is estimated that 40 million people are living in modern slavery, 71% of them are women -and the fashion industry is the second biggest contributor. 

Ararose pieces have been produced by a handful of employees at a small scale clothing factories. We are very proud to have worked with factories that empower employees by providing a fair living wage, fair working hours, opportunities for bonuses, a high standard working environment.

 “Fashion fades, style is eternal” - Yves Saint Laurent

Ararose clothes are designed with a conscious decision to step away from fast fashion. We empower our customers with the choice of investing in quality wardrobe staples rather than fast paced trends.  Classic designs produced on a small scale reduces the intense pressure on workers to quickly produce items on mass that will shortly be considered last season.  

Reducing Waste

It is estimated that £140,000,000 worth of clothing is dumped into a landfill site each year. The environmental destruction this causes is devastating. As a clothing brand we have a responsibility not to contribute to the culture of waste fashion and instead we have created a Conscious Outlet.  You will find discounted garments that either have a discreet production flaw or have been worn in photoshoots, that are perfectly wearable. This is part of our support towards the slow fashion movement - not to negatively impact the environment by throwing away beautiful clothing for being less than perfect whilst providing our customers with wonderful pieces at affordable prices. Visit our Conscious Outlet regularly to see new items uploaded.  

Our clothing hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper and our mail bags are recycled and 100% biodegradable   

Empowering You

We aim to create a community of women who celebrate self confidence, chose their own definition beauty, support and encourage women to be powerful and wonderful by staying true to themselves. Check out our striking Society and Divine Feminine slogan t-shirts aimed to promote conversation about remembering that true beauty shines from within.  

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” - Coco Chanel   

Our Ararose Stories are created as a space to show authenticity behind beautiful photos online. We interview our Ararose models who share thoughts on e mpowerment, personal inspirational stories and messages they’d like to share with other women to break down the barrier of false perfection that is portrayed on social media.  

When you purchase with Ararose you will receive a Mirror Message accompanying your order. On this mirror message is an affirmation which we hope you will find loving, thought provoking and inspiring. Place this message by your mirror to read as often as possible; or spread the love and pass it on to a loved one, friend or stranger.  


Check out the Carnaby's Collection where all our t-shirts are made with either 100% organic cotton or 40% recycled plastic bottles, 60% organic cotton.

Recycled Plastic
The T-Shirts in our Gaia collection are made with a combination of recycled plastic bottles (40%) and certified organic cotton (60%). In the USA alone approximately 18,834,000,000 plastic bottles are thrown into landfills each year. Instead of the plastic sitting in a landfill site, taking up to 700 years to break down, we prefer that the material is recycled and converted into a yarn texture to create clothing that takes 30% less energy to produce than typical t-shirts. Read more about the process here.
Organic Cotton
Did you know that cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world? Choosing organic cotton means you are supporting fabric that is grow without GM seeds, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton supports a balanced and harmonious system for the environment, animals, insects and better health for the farmers and garment workers whilst reducing the amount of water used in garment production.
Reduce Waste
It is estimated that £140,000,000 worth of clothing is dumped into a landfill site each year. We don't want to be contributing to this amount, so we use a print on demand production. This means that instead of making clothing ahead of time which involves risk of waste if the clothes do not sell, our production is made once the customer has placed the order. Therefore if our customers want to buy the t-shirt, the print will be made for the customer. 


Give Back

Ararose donates £1 of every sale to charity. We have chosen to support Fashion Revolution, Labour Behind the Label, One Tree Planted and Dress for Success. These charities support major change in the fashion industry, the environment and female empowerment.