"Where fashion becomes human, women become empowered. Our natural state is our greatest, let's embrace who we are"
We are an online clothing brand committed to empowering and celebrating women. 
Our collections are designed to create a classic wardrobe that allows you to effortlessly express your individual style.
Our aim is to promote a sisterhood of girls encouraging each other to be their most powerful, natural, greatest selves. We choose to work with  a variety of female models, recognising that beauty lies in every race and shape.
We pride ourselves in working with those who share our vision of Human Fashion - prioritising the importance of well being throughout production to purchase. 
We fully support the slow fashion movement where factory workers are treated with dignity and respect, receive a fair living wage and high standard working conditions. Our garments are sewn by a handful of employees at a small scale clothing factory in Bangladesh. 
Our online journal was created as a space to see behind the image of our Ararose girls, understanding the importance of authenticity. On our journal you will find our models opening up about their insecurities, thoughts on female empowerment, and sharing their inspirational stories.
At Ararose we recognise that self love is something women deserve to have in abundance, so accompanying your order will be affirmation card we like to call a Mirror Message - which we hope you will find loving, thought provoking and inspiring. Place this message by your mirror to read as often as possible; or pass it on to a loved one, friend or stranger.
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