Personal Styling

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One of the most effective and often overlooked ways to become a conscious shopper is to use a Personal Styling service.

Knowledge is power - learn how to apply all the tips and the tricks to enhance your gorgeous, natural skin tone and accentuate your body shape to create authentic self confidence. Beauty is on the inside, but there is no question that how you dress impacts the way you feel, so why not learn how to dress so that you feel like you at your best?

Having a clear sense of style supports sustainable fashion in so many ways including:

  • Significantly reducing waste - knowing works for you creates smarter shopping habits. You won't be buying clothes you will never wear again, instead, you'll only own clothes you absolutely love and make you feel amazing!

  • Automatically stepping into slow fashion shopping habits through the ability to not be influenced by trends and similar selling techniques of the fast fashion industry.

  • Employing the less is more principle by creating a successful capsule wardrobe with multiple mix and match options to wear over the years to come.

  • Having a decluttered wardrobe creates clarity when putting outfits together and knowing what items to purchase next.

  • Sustainably and responsibly remove unwanted clothes and pass them on to a new owner.

By using the services from our qualified Personal Stylist you will learn how to:

  • Define your style and how to dress for different aspects of your life. Do you often feel like your clothes do not represent who you are? It's time to say hello to styles that feel like you!

  • Embrace body positivity, self love and unapologetic confidence by gaining understanding on accentuating your body shape and learning how to use colour to enhance your natural skin tone. Are you ready to reject society's distorted perception of beauty? Take your power back and empower yourself by dressing to complement what makes you unique.

  • Achieve the look and wardrobe that feels most like you at your best. 
  • Effectively declutter and reorganise your wardrobe so that dressing becomes an exciting opportunity for self expression.

  • Become selective with how to shop so that you only own pieces that make you feel and look amazing, and never waste your money on purchase that you won't wear again.

  • Tips and tricks on becoming more sustainable with your fashion choices and maintenance. 

How does it work?

We use Skype so that we can serve you no matter where you are in the world.

  • Once you have paid for your session we will schedule a date and time via email.

  • We will send you a questionnaire to complete before our session.

  • Sessions are 1 hour however they may overrun.

PLEASE NOTE: There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything from the Ararose Collection, this is purely a styling service.

What are the additional services included with the Advanced session?

  • A more thorough understanding of your colour pallet, body shape and fabrics for your style 
  • At the end of our session you will receive a personalised PDF file with tips and tricks tailored towards your style needs including a personalised colour chart, a lifestyle fashion chart, links to outfit suggestions, individual pieces and style ideas from other brands
  • You will receive a complementary follow up Skype session 
  • Availability to follow up with email for any further questions for 30 days

Any questions? We are happy to answer! Get in touch via